Posted on 5th November, 2019

The 11th International Biennial of Textile Miniatures "Measure"

Lithuanian Artist' Association's Art Gallery ARKA, Ausros Vartu str 7, LT-01304 Vilnius, Lithuania


The theme of the exhibition is a measure, i.e. a value expressed using the units of measurement. Sizes and measures are all around us from physical units expressed as digital values and used to measure the entire tangible world, from salaries, hallmarks of precious metals, clothes, body mass indexes, body sizes (expressed in the form of letters, symbols, or digits), and information technology units (kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes) to metaphors reflecting the measurements of importance or self-worth of a person or of common values or identity.


Standard dimensions (20 x 20cm) are the fundamental feature of textile miniatures. But people say that it's not the size that defines the value of an artwork. However, we are often inclined to think that such a small format limits the creative freedom of an artist raising certain challenges and requiring exceptional diligence and technical skills. On the other hand, it may help to create more flexible works which are easier to transport and it may facilitate the physical impact of an artist on shapes and forms and encourage experiments. So here's the question: does a measure limit the freedom of expression of an artist or does it help to reveal it? We encourage the participants of the exhibition to contemplate their relationship with the set units, standards, references, and norms, to discuss the ratio between the size (dimensions) of an artwork and its value, to analyse how a smaller format changes the artwork and, perhaps, offer their own measures and standards that reflect their own world view. What is the meaning of a dimension or a unit of measure for a creator?


Tuesday 12th November - Wednesday 4th December 2019


For further info: www.arkagalerija.lt




The Collection II

One Monev Gallery, 14 Ivan Vazov Str, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria


For the second time SOFIA PAPER ART FEST will present an exhibition at ONE MONEV Gallery. The artist, Jo McDonald from Scotland, was awarded last year by the AMATERAS International Competition at ONE MONEV Gallery. The award is an independent project that can show an interesting world, created by the artist and her fairy tales in paper. The choice of this artist is in unison with the trends, which the gallery supports - innovation, conceptual vision and contemporary messages.


Jo McDonald is not an unknown artist for the fans of paper art. She is a two-time winner of awards at the annual competition in 2013 and is distinct with light romanticism intertwined with conceptual idea. Scotland is a country of fairy tales and this is part of the artist's concept. 


Thursday 18th April - Sunday 12th May 2019

Monday - Friday 12noon-7pm,  Saturday & Sunday 12noon-6pm


For further info: www.onegallery.eu




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