Posted on 2nd February, 2015

Society of Scottish Artists - The 118th Annual Open Exhibition

Scottish National Gallery, The Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh. EH2 2EL


Monday 21st December 2015 - Monday 18th January 2016

Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12noon-5pm

Admission free


1254 artworks submitted for consideration, and of these, 236 works have been selected.


For further information: www.s-s-a.org



Read a review of the show in:

The Times by Giles Sutherland


The Scotsman by Duncan Macmillan




Saturday Social

Saturday 9th January. 12noon-4pm

Royal Scottish Academy Upper Galleries

Admission free

Join the SSA for a festive celebration of this year's 118th Annual Exhibition.

All ages are invited to participate in a range of creative drop-in activities and artist-led pop-up tours devised and delivered by featured artists throughout the afternoon.





Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries and Irene Davies Emerging Artist Award 2015

Australian Tapestry Workshop, 266 Park Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia


The Australian Tapestry Workshop Kate Derum Award has been established to honour Kate's memory and her significant contribution to tapestry.

The award is open to all professional Australian and international tapestry artists.

This year's exhibition includes 53 finalists - 41 for the Kate Derum Award, and 12 for the Irene Davies Award.


Thursday 20th August - Friday 25th September 2015


For further information: www.austapestry.com.au




The 9th International Biennial of Textile Miniatures "Out of The Box"

Art Gallery ARKA, Ausros Vartu str 7, Vilnius 01129, Lithuania


The concept of the exhibition is based on a metaphor meaning a creative, non-standard thinking, based on new ideas rejecting the old rules, allowed limits and practice; expanding beyond constructed space, as if from the box, the broader field of ideas, thoughts and associations.

A box is a symbol of regulations, limitations and set rules. In English language it also has a figurative idiomatic meaning - "to develop ideas that are different and unusual."

Getting out of the box means an ability to see the world in a different light, in contrast to cliche and routine.

A box for the Lithuanian people has a direct meaning - it is a chest of drawers where fabrics, garments and handicrafts were kept. If a girl had no dowry in the chest of drawers, it was considered a great infamy to the girl and her family.

Therefore, harmonising direct and metaphorical meanings of the box, artists are encouraged to open their creation/ chests of drawers to expose their self-expression treasures long hidden from the eyes of strangers.


Friday 19th June - Saturday 11th July 2015


For further information: www.arkagalerija.lt




7th Amateras Annual Mini Paper Art Exhibition 2015

Art Alley Gallery, 51a William Gladstone, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria


56 participants from 22 countries.

The main aim of the exhibition is to create a tradition in the presentation of contemporary 2D and 3D small-size paper art, created by artists from all over the world without restrictions of techniques, styles or kind of paper. The purpose of the exhibition is to stimulate the development of creativity and innovations and to exceed the ordinary imagination of using paper and to promote the exchange of ideas and sharing of original experiments.

The exhibition, established in 2009 by The Amateras Foundation, marks the beginning of The Sofia Paper Art Fest 2015.

Also showing are the winning works from previous years and all other works from The Amateras Collection.


Thursday 7th May - Saturday 6th June 2015


For further information: www.amateras.eu




VAS:T 2015

National Galleries of Scotland, The Royal Scottish Academy, Upper Galleries, The Mound, Edinburgh. EH2 2EL


Visual Arts Scotland will present VAS:T 2015, taking full advantage of having the entire upper gallery at the RSA to address their refocused mission to consider the relationship between applied art and contemporary arts.

The selection panel have sought out contemporary art and design works which consider and challenge the boundaries between fine art, design and applied arts.

VAS:T 2015 will showcase how traditional media, techniques and skills, along with new and emeging technologies, inform visual ideas and contexts, and extend practices to make a distinctive eclectic show with a sense of drama, mischief and vitality.

As part of the exhibition VAS will be presenting the short-listed entries for the inaugural Cordis Prize for Woven Tapestry. The winner of the £5000 award will be selected from this eclectic and wide-ranging selection of large scale tapestries from around the world.


Saturday 7th February - Saturday 28th February 2015

Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12noon-5pm

Admission free


For further information: www.visualartsscotland.org




                        Society of Scottish Artists, Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour and

                        Visual Arts Scotland


For further information: www.essa-scottishart.com