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Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts - 152nd Annual Open Exhibition

McLellan Galleries, 270 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. G2 3EH


The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts will open the McLellan Galleries to the public for the first time in 7 years for the biggest contemporary art exhibition in Scotland.

The exhibition will feature artworks by the UK's best-known artists showing alongside an impressive array of selected entries by established and emerging artists from across the UK.

And, for the first time in its history, the exhibition will feature fine art photography.


Sunday 10th November - Sunday 8th December 2013

Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm

Thursday 10am-7.30pm

Sunday 12noon-6pm

Admission free


For more information: www.royalglasgowinstitute.org




In Perspextive

RSA Finlay Room, RSA Lower Galleries, The Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh. EH2 2EL

Tel: 0131 225 6671/ 0131 624 6556


A unique exhibition presenting an intriguing selection of works from RSA academicians and STAR Tapestry artists.

As the title suggests, the exhibition will focus on works in perspex boxes, giving a uniformity to the layout and allowing visitors to get up close and personal with the works on display.

45 artists are invited to participate in this exciting exhibition.

An accompanying publication is available to purchase.


Saturday 12th October - Thursday 7th November 2013

Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday - 12-5pm

Admission free


For more information: www.inperspextive.co.uk



Publication available to order http://blur.by/1bSy8Wc




Visual Arts Scotland Members Exhibition 2013

Gallery 1, Gracefield Arts Centre, 28 Edinburgh Road, Dumfries. DG1 1JG

Tel: 01387 262084


Following the success of their exhibition there in 2010, Gracefield Arts Centre invited Visual Arts Scotland to present an exhibition of members work in their gallery in October 2013.

There are over 80 artworks on show available to purchase.


Saturday 5th October - Saturday 9th November 2013

Tuesday - Saturday 10am-5pm

Admission free


For more information: www.visualartsscotland.org





International Handmade Paper Art Exhibition

Paper - Tradition and Experiment

Art Gallery ARKA, Ausros Vartu str 7, LT-01304 Vilnius, Lithuania      

Tel: (+370 5) 2121319


Over 50 artists aim to highlight the role of paper in art, to trace the way and traditions of paper producing, to unite professional artists working in the sphere of handmade paper from Lithuania and abroad, to promote paper art between artists of various professions, to stimulate the development of creativity and innovation, the exchanging of ideas and sharing of original experiments, to emphasise the aspect of ecology, recycling of paper leftovers with addition of various organic materials and creating the new artistic value.


Wednesday 2nd October - Tuesday 22nd October 2013              

Tuesday - Friday 12noon-7pm

Saturday 12noon-4pm


For more information: www.arkagalerija.lt    

Browse the show: http://www.lrt.lt/mediateka/laidos/L/1911/linija.spalva.forma 

                             (episode dated 2013-11-01)







'Another Show' - Society of Scottish Artists Members Exhibition

BP Atrium Gallery, BP Headquarters, Aberdeen


SMART Consultants is delighted to be working with the Scottish Society of Artists to bring to Aberdeen a group show of SSA members.

The BP Atrium Gallery is a private gallery within the headquarters of BP, with a weekly audience of over 2000 staff and visitors to the building.

SMART Consultants are specifically interested in looking at the beauty of the everyday, the relationship that artists draw from, the way in which the artists set out a visual language through a variety of art forms and educating an audience with a variety of accesible but challenging mediums and content.

Artists are Katherine Aarrestend-Alan Bond-Alastair Clark-Julia Douglas-David Faithfull-David Forster-Lorna Fraser-Ian Healy-Fiona R Hutchison-Ruth Maxwell-David McCulloch-Jo McDonald-Phil McLoughlin-Janet Melrose-Nan Mulder-Leena Nammari-Gayle Nelson-Charmian Pollok-Sharon Quigley-Louise Ritchie


Friday 19th July - Thursday 10th October 2013


For more information: www.wearesmartconsultants.co.uk





Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries 2013

Australian Tapestry Workshop, 266 Park Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia


Awarded every two years, The Kate Derum Award was created in honour of the Workshop's former Deputy Director, who passed away in 2008. It has been established to honour Kate's memory and her contribution to tapestry.

This year's exhibition includes 42 finalists, representing 14 countries.

A catalogue of the finalists work is available through the Australian Tapestry Worshop website.


Thursday 29th August - Friday 27th September 2013

Tuesday - Friday 10am-5pm


For more information: www.austapestry.com.au




The 8th International Biennial of Textil Miniatures "Thoughts - that is..."

Art Gallery ARKA, Ausros Vartu str 7, LT-01304 Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel: (+370 5) 2121319


This exhibition aims to tackle the urgent problem of human existence. Who and what are we? What settles our environment? The concept is based on the metaphysical statement, that material and spiritual worlds are interrelated, that thoughts can materialise. The invisible processes which are taking place in our mind create reality - real things, phenomena, emotions. Every object from our reality is the embodiment of the ideas, which have ever existed. Everything that surrounds us is the result of the human mind. Human thoughts form not only objects, but also one's activity, creativity and personality.


Tuesday 9th July - Saturday 27th July 2013

Tuesday - Friday 12noon-7pm

Saturday 12noon-4pm


For further information: www.arkagalerija.lt 




Sofia International Paper Art Biennial 2013

various venues throughout Sofia, Bulgaria


This exhibition is part of the larger Sofia Paper Art Fest 2013, which includes 149 artists from 33 countries, located in 25 venues throughout Sofia.

The Art Fest is the only one of its kind in Europe, as recognised by foreign specialised editions on contemporary art and culture in a number of other countries.

It is multi-dimensional and allows the co-existence of tradition and innovation, classical style and experiment, challenge and high achievements.

The most representative section of the Art Fest is The Biennial of Paper Art.

120 artists, from 30 countries are represented.

The main objective of The Biennial 2013 is to present the enormous diversity of authors from across the world and to unite human differences through art.


24th April - 2nd June 2013


For further information: www.amateras.eu







Amateras Annual Mini Paper Art Exhibition 2013

Art Alley Gallery, 51a William Gladstone, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria


Over 100 artworks are shown by 57 artists, from 23 countries.

All works are either 2D (maximum size of A4) or 3D (maximum size of 15cm x 15cm x 20cm).

The main aim of the exhibition is to create a tradition in the presentation of contemporary 2D and 3D small-size paper art, created by artists from all over the world without restrictions of techniques, styles or kinds of paper.

The purpose of the exhibition is to stimulate the development of creativity and innovations, to exceed the ordinary imagination of using paper and to promote the exchange of ideas and sharing of original experiments.

This exhibition is part of the larger Sofia Paper Art Fest 2013, which includes 149 artists from 33 countries, located in 25 venues throughout Sofia.


Wednesday 24th April - Friday 24th May 2013


For further information: www.amateras.eu 




The Art and Soul of Paper Open Exhibition

Anteros Arts Foundation, Fye Bridge Street, Norwich, England. NR3 1LJ

Tel. 01603 766129

Mandells Gallery, Elm Hill, Norwich, England. NR3 1HN

Tel. 01603 626892

artshoproject, Earlham Road, Norwich, England. NR2 3PD

Tel. 01603 505066


The Art & Soul of Paper is the largest international exhibition of paper art works ever staged in the region. It is part of a unique series of exhibitions and events showcasing paper artwork from international papermakers and artists, and includes artist talks and papermaking events organised with the support of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA).


Monday 11th March - Saturday 20th april 2013

Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm


For more information: www.artandsoulofpaper.com







Society of Scottish Artists - 116th Annual Exhibition 2013

Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland. EH2 2EL


Friday 1st March - Sunday 24th March 2013

Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday 12-5pm


For more information: www.s-s-a.org 




Visual Arts Scotland Annual Exhibition 2013

Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland. EH2 2EL


Friday 1st March - Sunday 24th March 2013

Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday 12-5pm


For more information: www.visualartsscotland.org 




Parcours off Miniartextil Montrouge

Galerie Atelier du Genie, 28 Passage du Genie, 75012 Paris, France


This exhibition is an extension of Agora 2012 Miniartextil Como.

The theme is 'Agora' - a greek word that indicates the heart of the polis, where people gather to exchange and compare ideas. 

Participating artists are Miruna Hasegan, Maja Gecic, Sabine Zeiler, Jo McDonald and Gyongy Laky


Saturday 2nd February - Saturday 23rd February 2013

Tuesday - Saturday 3-7pm


For more information: www.galerie-atelierdugenie.com 




Agora - Miniartextil a Montrouge

Le Beffroi, Salle Nicole Ginoux, 2 Place Emile Cresp - 92120 Montrouge, Paris, France


After Como and Venice before, the city of Montrouge receives this international exhibtion, organised by Miniartextil.

There are 54 works of mini-textiles, maximum size of 20cm x 20cm x 20cm.

A different theme each year allows the artists to renew their creations. For this new edition, the theme is 'Agora': the gathering place of the cities of ancient Greece and by extension the meeting point of political, religious, commercial and sometimes also topographic that will unite textile artists from all the continents.

Miniartextil also extends to Paris for the duration of the exhibition through partner galleries.


Saturday 2nd February - Sunday 24th February 2013

Daily 10am-7pm (9pm on Thursday)


For more information: www.miniartextil.it







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